Hello America: Unfuck Yourselves

Unfuck yourselves. Seriously. Please.
Unfuck yourselves. Seriously. Please.
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Republicans fall in line behind Trump re: Turkey/Syria/Kurds

You knew this was coming. They are clearly getting their spin strategy emails and taking heed. Warning! You might go blind with anger: 


Our new hero Lindsey Graham is suddenly getting cold feet about legislative action to address the situation.

“I appreciate the phone calls yesterday with Erdogan, I think [Trump] reached out in a good way to let Turkey know they needed a cease-fire right now.”

“I blame Turkey, but I look to President Trump to fix this,” Graham added later on Fox News.


Obama did it!

“Look, Obama didn’t have a strategy in Syria and unfortunately that’s what President Trump inherited. This was an untenable situation in a civil war,” said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas). “I don’t think the actual decision, itself, is surprising when you consider the alternatives.”


Never expect them to break with Trump.

Rep. Mike McCaul (R-Texas) backs a House resolution urging the administration to reverse its position. But he made clear that it’s about policy, not Trump himself.

“It does not condemn the president. It condemns Turkey. It condemns the policy of withdrawing, but it does not condemn the president,” McCaul said.


We must take them all down with Trump, not wait for them to come around. If you were looking for signs they might abandon him in impeachment if he pisses them off in other ways, you can stop the hunt now. 

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