Hello America: Unfuck Yourselves

Unfuck yourselves. Seriously. Please.

Rage Roundup

Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage alive and not in jail for going on a killing spree.

I think the Splinter-shaped hole in our lives has been leaving a lot of pent up aggression in all of us so I am posting this for anyone who needs to put it somewhere. Will I do this on a regular, predictable basis? Yes! Am I lying to myself and to you? Also yes!

Add your own!

Things I’m raging about today:


What the fuck is even happening here? Trump gets out-smarted by Erdogan, does something insane and against the advice of literally everyone he LIKES, and instead of stopping it when he was warned, he doubles down, then gets yelled at by (probably) mean daddy McConnell who threatens to remove him or something, and he just imposes sanctions. Sure, sanctions! That’ll fix it! In general, I’m fucking fine with sanctions against Turkey, but I haven’t thought too hard about it yet so let’s revisit that. But this sequence of events is like, spilling red wine all over the white carpet, someone telling you to use club soda and to blot it up, and you just spraypainting the carpet all wine colored instead.

If there actually are any “adults in the room” (and the whistleblower makes it sound like there indeed are, but I’d probably call them older adolescents because an adult would’ve shut this shit down earlier), don’t let Trump talk to anyone on the phone ever. Set up dummy phonecalls. Whatever you have to do.


Surprising? No. Enraging? Yes. Quick recap: The National Enquirer (American Media) was subpoena’d after the Stormy Daniels saga because they had a number of stories that they were paid to buy the rights to and bury - a practice known as “catch and kill.” Because everyone driving our national conversation is a mobster from the 80s, they had these stories physically in a safe.

I want to know...how do we hold someone to account for this? AMI has this infuriating quote:

“We are always at the edge of what’s legally permissible,” one senior AMI employee told Farrow. “It’s very exciting.”


But of course, they’re not alone.

In a statement, McConnell pledged to work toward avoiding “a strategic calamity” when the Senate returns this week and warned that Turkey’s latest attacks on Kurdish allies in Syria was hurting progress in the fight against the Islamic State.






::incoherent screaming::





And let’s not forget our own refugee crisis.

And here’s a breath of fresh air:


Warren is rising in the polls (yes caveat about polls, caveat about early states, caveat about how this isn’t seeming to hurt Biden).

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