Hello America: Unfuck Yourselves

Unfuck yourselves. Seriously. Please.
Unfuck yourselves. Seriously. Please.
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Politics/News Roundup

What a day of G/O drama! The rest of the world kept spinning though, unfortunately.

1. Republicans continue to Republican

A bunch of assholes have been denigrating Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman - a Ukraine adviser on the NSC who was on The Phonecall. From what we know of his deposition, he testified that he indeed witnessed the president make the request of Zelensky, and that it alarmed him enough to report it to his superiors and consult an attorney.


As a special bonus, Republicans apparently are trying to reveal the identity of the whistleblower (gods help him) and used their time questioning Vindman to try to figure out who it is.


2. OK Boomer

Some kids are unfairly starting a generational war expressing cathartic outrage at the most toxic generation still alive today. Surely there will be some very well thought out commentary written about this. Essentially “ok Boomer” is the equivalent of a middle finger when an old person tells you to stop whining about the extinction of the human race and stuff.


3. It’s Happening

Democrats released a resolution outlining the impeachment inquiry’s next steps. The House is likely to vote Thursday on officially starting the inquiry...or process? I’m honestly quite confused about when this shit gets official. I haven’t had time to read the whole thing yet. However, The Hill posts a fact sheet (warning, autoplay video ::sob emoji::).


And here is the fact sheet in a format my computer won’t read:

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