Hello America: Unfuck Yourselves

Unfuck yourselves. Seriously. Please.

As the kids say, hook it into my veins

I don’t actually know if it’s the kids saying that.

I can’t get enough of this kind of shit. It’s no secret I’m a Warren stan but I think we can all agree if Bernie had seen a strong and steady rise in the polls lately we could substitute his name in here for Person The Poor Billionaires Are Scare Of. Warren does have a specific history of targeting these people directly through legislation, though.

Any attack on Warren from the tech or Wall Street worlds just turns into an immediate Warren talking point.


Must hurt to find out most of the people in the world DON’T want to sacrifice their own well-being to protect your wealth. I’m sure this is a tough time for you, not being the hero you always thought your talent work ethic inherited wealth and gender and race made you feel like you were.

Woe is you.

Some other quotes that will be fun to read as we prepare to feast upon their corpses:

“It’s the same thing Republicans went through with Trump. You look at her and think what she is going to do is going to be horrible for the country. But if you say anything about it you just make her stronger.”


“What is wrong with billionaires? You can become a billionaire by developing products and services that people will pay for,” said Leon Cooperman, a billionaire former Goldman SaANd,chs executive who is now CEO of investment firm Omega Advisors and who predicts a 25 percent market drop should Warren become president. “I believe in a progressive income tax and the rich paying more. But this is the fucking American dream she is shitting on.”


OMG do they realize the rest of us aren’t billionaires or even close to it? Like, do they? I’m really, really asking.


And this is my favorite line:

The closest thing that has emerged lately is a vague whisper campaign that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg could ride into the Democratic primary at the last minute if it appears Biden is really failing. But even Bloomberg’s closest confidants admit there is little chance he could succeed.


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