I am drinking boxed white wine out of a coffee mug. I get a box, always, because I can't finish a bottle in one sitting (rather, I shouldn't and the Mr. doesn't really drink wine). I found this brand on sale at my local grocery store for $9 - yes $9. I've never had it before but it just tastes like standard, not-offensive wine.

The coffee mug is because I can no longer have wine glasses near my computer. I thought it was amusing because it says "coffee" on it. Fun fact: if you have shitty wine that you don't really *need* a glass for, the mug temperature controls it much better than a stupid wine glass. Plus, when you are half-blind, it's much easier to see for depth-perception related issues.

What you see all over my desk there is paint and old glitter. I accidentally figured out, after I put a clear coat on my desk, that because of the humidity in my area it sucks up the glitter, and it doesn't get everywhere! I'm going to patent this glitter-sticking surface. Well, I guess, now one of you is going to patent it since I just told you and am lazy.

What are you doing to unwind? [Doesn't have to be booze, I know].