Graphic Artists: Corel Painter? Other Recommendations?

I just got a Wacom tablet and I am super duper excited to play with it. I am experienced with (and already own) Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator but I would like something a little more artistic, and I am debating getting Corel Painter - except it is a trillion dollars. I will be downloading the free trial as soon as I… »12/11/13 4:03pm12/11/13 4:03pm

"Marriage Isn't For Me": In Things That Rub Me The Wrong Way

Written by a fairly newly married guy, this is an essay about how he was anxious about marrying his best friend and his dad set him straight about how marriage is to make others happy, and so your future children have a happy home. Not because you want it. What a selfish asshole that guy was, to make sure he was… »11/05/13 5:49pm11/05/13 5:49pm