What to buy a college student with a broken arm?

My poor sister broke her arm the other day - she's going to have to take finals with assistance and everything. I want to send her something but I always send her candy and I just thought maybe something that would be good and helpful for her, given her condition. Anyone ever broke their dominant arm around here?… » 4/21/14 11:48am Monday 11:48am

Losing God

I am an atheist. Like most atheists I know, there was a moment or a period where I transitioned into atheism from - I don't know - agitation. I definitely believed for a while but I tried hard. Reading the article about kids these days and their atheism on the main page made me ponder my own unreligious experiences. » 4/18/14 9:02pm 4/18/14 9:02pm

Oh the humanity

The comments on the Playboy (Kinja version) article that was MP'd to Jezebel have made me...really upset. I can't even pinpoint why. Is it because I have been slut-shamed for acting just the same as the men shaming me? Is it because I spent a lot of my formative years hating myself for my sexuality - thinking I was a… » 4/16/14 5:52pm 4/16/14 5:52pm

Wedding Etiquette Stuff - Plus Ones (update)

I am trying to make a guest list so that I can have a ballpark figure for setting a budget and other parameters for my wedding and start venue-hunting. Because I have an enormous family who all need an invite I am trying to be stingy otherwise. My mother's "wedding etiquette advice" usually is "who cares, do what you… » 3/23/14 2:48pm 3/23/14 2:48pm

He Made a Huge Mistake (warning: melodramatic)

My fiancee (bless his heart - yes, I am that serious) bought napa cabbage instead of romaine lettuce at the store. I thought it looked particularly lame in the fridge this morning when packing my lunch. Now? Now I have a salad that is ruining me. It is killing me. I want to come down on him with the fire of a thousand… » 3/18/14 6:22pm 3/18/14 6:22pm